Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back at the Shacks

I finished up my workout after that shortly, showered, and changed. I was off for the rest of the day. Something bothered me though. It was how and what Matt said to me back at the gym about everyone else on PAT. I made my way into the barracks (aka shacks) and went to my room, taking a split second to pray that I wouldn't open the door to a roomate jerking off or other weird events that plague Army barracks. Luckily, no one was there and I threw my stuff in a locker and started looking around the hallways to see what others were up to.

It was pretty common for people to leave their doors open in the hallways. It was always like this starting from training. Usually you had to sort stuff out fast and the familiarity that builds among soldiers is much higher than in the civilian world. So as I walked by saying the odd hello and catching up with guys I chatted to earlier in the day I noticed an abundance of guys either passed out sleeping, or getting an early jump on going downtown that night with an open 24 pack at the base of their bunks.

Quite odd really to me at the time coming from such strict training in basic. Here guys were flaunting rules and regulations abound. I eventually went back to my room and eventually supper at our messhall.

After supper I was left with an abundance of time to do. I moped around the hallway some more as guys were coming back from dinner. Trying to findout how people starved off boredom on Base Gagetown. I got a variety of answer. Most of them involved watching movies which army guys are notorious for when they find themselves in my situation. I've never seen so many people with so many DVDs or hard drives full of movies. The number one enemy in the military is idle time with idle hands.

I eventually ended up hanging out with James the guy from the office. We drank a couple of beers together and exchanged the usual 'origin stories' about why we got in the military, etc. Then others started to come by and someone mention aloud to no one in particular. 'Wanna go to Zee's?' The question was met with a lot of argreement leaving me to wonder what the fuss was about.
"It's a bar man. The club you go to pickup around here." He said casually.
"Oh. Oh my. Guess that'd be cool" I responded.

So plans were made. The engineers were going downtown.


  1. thats cool. gagetown is in...newbrunswick? i dont even know. american or canadian military?

  2. It never ends happily DD... but I can't wait for the next installment.

  3. Same thing vapor said, but stoked for the next one.

  4. Idle time with idle hands... that sucks!

  5. reminds me of my high school days :D